project brief


Detailed quiz that will help us to define your preferences and use the time to the maximum efficiency.
Please answer the questions below as detailed as possible as it will directly influence the outcome of the project
Color scheme checker
Tell us what you like in branding.
So we can start designing the logo straight away.
What types of logo do you like?
What font type do you like the most?
Think of how would you like your main words to be written. You can choose only one.
Choose the color shades you would LIKE to have in your project?
Choose the shades you think represent your philosophy the most.
Choose the color shades you DO NOT WANT to have in your branding?
This would help us save time designing your identity.
Which of these neutral shades would you LIKE in relation to your brand?
Mark all the shades you are ok with.
Would you like to use any of these metals in your branding?
Choose the one that matches your preferences the most.
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branding brief
Let us know about you business
So we can tailor the branding solution to your needs.
Thank you for the detailed answers. We will get in touch with you soon.
What is the name of your project?
Make sure to type the name exactly as you would like to have on your logo. If you have more than one name to choose from please add all the alterantives.
Why did you choose this name?
What does it mean for you? What is your company philosophy? What is your slogan if there is any?
What is your business about?
Describe your business or product in 2-3 sentences.
What emotions would you like to awake in your customers when they get in touch with your brand?
2-3 sentences should be fine.
How long are you in the market?
Where do you operate?
What specific benefits your clients can expect?
What is your USP(Unique Selling Proposition) if you have any.
Value preposition
Choose the value proposition that suits you the most
How do you compare your prices with competitors?
What is you typical B2C client?
Gender, age, family status, income level, education, position level and other common characteristics
What is you typical B2B client if there is any?
Industry, budgets, special requirements, level of the contact person in the company, who is typically a decision maker?
Do you have a website or a domain name?
If you do not have the website leave the place empty.
Why do you consider branding services now?
What is the current situation of your business? What are the goals you would like to achieve with a new identity?
Who are your competitors?
Are there any of them that you feel inspired with? Are there any that you would like to beat the most?
How would you describe your communication approach with the client?
If you could describe your business in one short sentence, what would it be?
How would you describe your brand if it was a person?
Please list some characteristics.
Please upload here any files that can relate to your branding.
Did you design the logo before? Do you have any sketched, moodboards or references you would like to share with us?
What is the main place of your logo?
Where your client is going to see it the most? Where should it look at its best?
Do you have any brands or websites that inspire you?
Please provide the names or links below. What do you like in it?